••Did you know that many resellers register your ordered domain-name by (for!) their own account?
••Did you know that they have access to your domain-name panel and also all sub-resellers who are above your account have access too? It means if you register a domain name by a multilevel sub-resellers you are in a REAL risk!
••Did you know that each registrar, register a domain name for you with difference panel and difference facilities? It means that if you register a domain name by OnlineNIC you will have a very different panel and facilities compared to Directi for example. In many cases registering price for a domain name is also different in dependent of which registrar do you select.

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••Did you know that in many shared hosting service providers rules, there are strict limitations in usage of memory space, CPU time and other system resources but just some of them tell you clear about it?
••Did you know that many hosting companies do backup your website freely but they dont tell you how much expensive is it to restore those backups for you in case of needs?
••Did you know that your hosting panel and its features have many differences depends on which hosting company is provided it for you?
••Server hardware, Location (which country), your neighbors, software settings and many more information is needed to say how much your hosting service is professional.

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••Did you know that many already successful built websites from personal to selling products are based on some popular CMS frameworks?
••Did you know that at the moment there are many ready CMS frameworks those are tested by many users around the world and they are very compatible with your needs, probably?
••Did you know that in many special cases, coding a customized specific extension for a ready tested CMS is a better chose for custom design?
••Did you know that 98% of internet users have flash player installed on their system but Full Flash websites are not visible to search engines?

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••Did you know that there are many standards and agreements to design a high level website compatible with most bandwidths, browsers, Operating Systems, devices (like iPhone) and etc? Have you heard anything about HTML5, CSS3, 960 Grid System, Mootools before?
••Every engineering process should begin based on some standards or rules to enable that for developing in the feature. This is why Friedrich Ludwig Bauer called this field as Software Engineering in 1968, web engineering is also following the same thinking and web developing is a part of it.
••Our portfolios are based on strong frameworks that allow even the simplest project to become complex in future.

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